How to Apply

This application takes around 5 minutes to complete.

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Before you start the online application process you will need:

Valid Proof of ID – We Can Accept the Below:
  • NZ Driver’s License
  • Passport (if you are on a working visa, you MUST supply a copy of your visa during the application process)
  • NZ Birth Certificat and your 18+ card and/or a copy of your Credit or Debit card
  • Statutory Declaration signed by your local Justice of the Peace
Proof of Address
  • This is a letter that has been sent to you in the mail in the last 3 months. however, in some cases, we can accept digital utility bills.
A Recent Selfie
  • A picture of yourself to cross reference against your supplied ID.
Contact Details
  • Contact details of Reference person who lives at a different address to yourself (name, contact number and address).
Details of a Vehicle Registered
  • For Automotive related applications or loan applications over $2000 we require the details of a vehicle registered in your name (year, make, model and plate number) for security purposes.
Your Last 3 Months of Bank Statements
  • Though this is requested after you have applied. We will send you a pending email asking for these to be sent through to us using a secure link to our bank statements portal.

A credit check will be carried out as part of the Application process. Please ensure all details you enter are accurate to enable us to correctly assess your application - as quickly as possible. Any inaccurate information could result in delays processing your application. The credit check will not affect your credit score.